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Sphaerechinus granularis is a species of sea urchin in the family Toxopneustidae, commonly known as the violet sea urchin. Its range includes the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean, from the Channel Islands south to Cape Verde and the Gulf of Guinea. It favours sheltered locations and lives on rocks covered with seaweed or gravelly substrates. It is usually found in the neritic zone down to about thirty metres (100 ft) but occasionally down to a hundred metres (330 ft) in more exposed locations. It is also found in meadows of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica. It grazes on algae, especially encrusting coralline algae, seagrass blades and their epiphytic organisms and detritus. This S. granularis sea urchin was photographed off the coast of Madeira.

The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a marine mammal and a baleen whale. Reaching a maximum confirmed length of 29.9 meters (98 ft) and weighing up to 199 tonnes (196 long tons; 219 short tons), it is the largest animal known to have ever existed. The blue whale's long and slender body can be of various shades of greyish-blue dorsally and somewhat lighter underneath. Four subspecies are recognized: B. m. musculus in the North Atlantic and North Pacific, B. m. intermedia in the Southern Ocean, B. m. brevicauda (the pygmy blue whale) in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean, B. m. indica in the Northern Indian Ocean. There is also a population in the waters off Chile that may constitute a fifth subspecies.

In general, blue whale populations migrate between their summer feeding areas near the poles and their winter breeding grounds near the tropics. There is also evidence of year-round residencies, and partial or age/sex-based migration. Blue whales are filter feeders; their diet consists almost exclusively of krill. They are generally solitary or gather in small groups, and have no well-defined social structure other than mother-calf bonds. The fundamental frequency for blue whale vocalizations ranges from 8 to 25 Hz and the production of vocalizations may vary by region, season, behavior, and time of day. Orcas are their only natural predators.

The blue whale was once abundant in nearly all the Earth's oceans until the end of the 19th century. It was hunted almost to the point of extinction by whalers until the International Whaling Commission banned all blue whale hunting in 1966. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed blue whales as Endangered as of 2018. It continues to face numerous man-made threats such as ship strikes, pollution, ocean noise and climate change.

Some examples from the web:

  • I got your work list right here.
  • And let's start with this here work list.
  • Massimo Buffetti - biography, work list, discography
  • The book ends with a huge bibliography and the complete work list of JRS.
  • She scratched him up pretty good, and we have more than enough DNA, but... again, it's not at the top of the work list.
  • Were you even looking at the work list, anymore?
  • The work list is designed to cut roughly one-fifth of the nitrogen flowing into the river, although the amount varies by location.
  • Add it to the work list
  • This legislation will be on the next Parliament's work list, as will legislation on the protection of data used in criminal proceedings.

Some examples from the web:

  • This interface allows developers to build their own worklist service to support human tasks according to their needs.
  • Both of them can control the practice through Twiiz's worklist.
  • In addition, the YAWL system comes with a default worklist service that supports several types of human task allocation and handling.
  • In contrast, YAWL provides a unified interface for worklist services based on web services standards.
  • You can create a worklist for each batch of freezing, identifying:
  • Work lists are prepared and sent (dicom worklist) to the integrated digital diagnostics, and it will subsequently be possible to report on the actions performed.
  • for more details view the related page "Worklist"
  • Two volumes were re-issued in corrected versions, however, after production errors originally caused the omission of sections of Igor Stravinsky's worklist and Richard Wagner's bibliography.

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

Fortune and our partner Great Place to Work have been publishing the Best Companies list for 25 years—none more fraught than the past two. While COVID-19 has forever changed the way we work, the best businesses are stepping up to support their employees as they navigate uncharted waters. Read on to see what helps a company stand out. (Hint: Flexibility, diversity, and a few extra paid days off go a long way.)


  1. Cisco Systems
  2. Hilton Worldwide Holdings
  3. Wegmans Food Markets
  4. Salesforce
  5. Nvidia
  6. Accenture
  7. Rocket Companies
  8. American Express
  9. David Weekley Homes
  10. Test Company name

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